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Best iPhone Blood pressure Monitor

Complies with recommendations of the World Healthcare Organizations.

Our Blood Diary supports Medical Deluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE by A&D company. It provides for an option to automatically obtain data from tonometer using Bluetooth connection.

-I am so thankful for this app. I have recently started having problems with my blood pressure. This app is super easy to use and keep track of daily checks. Five stars.
by gef1015

- It is important to measure your blood pressure just in case you have some health problems and in is might be a hint. Use this app to get a test and consult a professional doctor.
by EdgyTeddy

Main features:

1) Accumulation of blood pressure measurement results
2) Monitoring of pressure to notify when it is necessary to consult the doctor
3) Sending data to your email


1) Easy data input
2) Simply and user friendly interface
3) Illustrative diagrams complying with recommendations of the World Healthcare Organization

This application features two vital functions. The first one is ACCUMULATION of information on the blood pressure measurement results. How can it be used? In many different ways. You can email the results to your doctor. Or the application could help you to set up an optimum regimen of your medicine for treatment of the heart and vessels.

Another important function is MONITORING. A disease such as hypertension is dangerous because it’s unnoticeable. For a long time, it disguises under usual weakness, lack of sleep, or fatigue until it reaches the cardiovascular center – your heart. When the disease is strong enough it will strike your heart, kidney or your brain. This disease is very tricky, but now you have a weapon to fight it - your personal blood pressure monitor.

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What's New in Version 1.2.5

small improvements

Best Blood Pressure Monitor
by Mirrorr77

is really nice app such a massive interface have too much fun with this app look like real . its awesome love it!

by Leardo882

This app works great for me. Easy and pretty accurate. Really Very useful and easy to use.

Doesn't read from your iPhone
by Litnes
The smallest and thinest blood pressure monitor in the
The smallest and thinest blood pressure monitor in the ...
Unboxing - Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor für iOS
Unboxing - Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor für iOS
Tlakomer Blood Pressure Monitor + Teplomer pre iOS
Tlakomer Blood Pressure Monitor + Teplomer pre iOS
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